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v8::DefaultPersistentValueMapTraits< K, V > Class Template Reference

#include <v8-util.h>

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Public Types

typedef PersistentValueMap< K, V, DefaultPersistentValueMapTraits< K, V > > MapType
typedef void WeakCallbackDataType
- Public Types inherited from v8::StdMapTraits< K, V >
typedef std::map< K, PersistentContainerValue > Impl
typedef Impl::iterator Iterator

Static Public Member Functions

static WeakCallbackDataType * WeakCallbackParameter (MapType *map, const K &key, Local< V > value)
static MapTypeMapFromWeakCallbackData (const WeakCallbackData< V, WeakCallbackDataType > &data)
static K KeyFromWeakCallbackData (const WeakCallbackData< V, WeakCallbackDataType > &data)
static void DisposeCallbackData (WeakCallbackDataType *data)
static void Dispose (Isolate *isolate, UniquePersistent< V > value, K key)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from v8::StdMapTraits< K, V >
static bool Empty (Impl *impl)
static size_t Size (Impl *impl)
static void Swap (Impl &a, Impl &b)
static Iterator Begin (Impl *impl)
static Iterator End (Impl *impl)
static K Key (Iterator it)
static PersistentContainerValue Value (Iterator it)
static PersistentContainerValue Set (Impl *impl, K key, PersistentContainerValue value)
static PersistentContainerValue Get (Impl *impl, K key)
static PersistentContainerValue Remove (Impl *impl, K key)

Static Public Attributes

static const PersistentContainerCallbackType kCallbackType = kNotWeak

Detailed Description

template<typename K, typename V>
class v8::DefaultPersistentValueMapTraits< K, V >

A default trait implementation for PersistentValueMap, which inherits a std:map backing map from StdMapTraits and holds non-weak persistent objects and has no special Dispose handling.

You should not derive from this class, since MapType depends on the surrounding class, and hence a subclass cannot simply inherit the methods.

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