V8 API Reference Guide for node.js v0.12.18
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v8::ScriptOrigin Class Reference

#include <v8.h>

Public Member Functions

V8_INLINE ScriptOrigin (Handle< Value > resource_name, Handle< Integer > resource_line_offset=Handle< Integer >(), Handle< Integer > resource_column_offset=Handle< Integer >(), Handle< Boolean > resource_is_shared_cross_origin=Handle< Boolean >(), Handle< Integer > script_id=Handle< Integer >())
V8_INLINE Handle< ValueResourceName () const
V8_INLINE Handle< IntegerResourceLineOffset () const
V8_INLINE Handle< IntegerResourceColumnOffset () const
V8_INLINE Handle< BooleanResourceIsSharedCrossOrigin () const
V8_INLINE Handle< IntegerScriptID () const

Detailed Description

The origin, within a file, of a script.

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