V8 API Reference Guide for node.js v0.12.18
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v8::Platform Class Referenceabstract

#include <v8-platform.h>

Public Types

enum  ExpectedRuntime { kShortRunningTask, kLongRunningTask }

Public Member Functions

virtual void CallOnBackgroundThread (Task *task, ExpectedRuntime expected_runtime)=0
virtual void CallOnForegroundThread (Isolate *isolate, Task *task)=0

Detailed Description

V8 Platform abstraction layer.

The embedder has to provide an implementation of this interface before initializing the rest of V8.

Member Enumeration Documentation

This enum is used to indicate whether a task is potentially long running, or causes a long wait. The embedder might want to use this hint to decide whether to execute the task on a dedicated thread.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void v8::Platform::CallOnBackgroundThread ( Task task,
ExpectedRuntime  expected_runtime 
pure virtual

Schedules a task to be invoked on a background thread. |expected_runtime| indicates that the task will run a long time. The Platform implementation takes ownership of |task|. There is no guarantee about order of execution of tasks wrt order of scheduling, nor is there a guarantee about the thread the task will be run on.

virtual void v8::Platform::CallOnForegroundThread ( Isolate isolate,
Task task 
pure virtual

Schedules a task to be invoked on a foreground thread wrt a specific |isolate|. Tasks posted for the same isolate should be execute in order of scheduling. The definition of "foreground" is opaque to V8.

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