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v8::HeapGraphNode Class Reference

#include <v8-profiler.h>

Public Types

enum  Type {
  kHidden = 0, kArray = 1, kString = 2, kObject = 3,
  kCode = 4, kClosure = 5, kRegExp = 6, kHeapNumber = 7,
  kNative = 8, kSynthetic = 9, kConsString = 10, kSlicedString = 11,
  kSymbol = 12

Public Member Functions

Type GetType () const
Handle< StringGetName () const
SnapshotObjectId GetId () const
 V8_DEPRECATED ("Use GetShallowSize instead", int GetSelfSize() const)
size_t GetShallowSize () const
int GetChildrenCount () const
const HeapGraphEdgeGetChild (int index) const

Detailed Description

HeapGraphNode represents a node in a heap graph.

Member Function Documentation

const HeapGraphEdge* v8::HeapGraphNode::GetChild ( int  index) const

Retrieves a child by index.

int v8::HeapGraphNode::GetChildrenCount ( ) const

Returns child nodes count of the node.

SnapshotObjectId v8::HeapGraphNode::GetId ( ) const

Returns node id. For the same heap object, the id remains the same across all snapshots.

Handle<String> v8::HeapGraphNode::GetName ( ) const

Returns node name. Depending on node's type this can be the name of the constructor (for objects), the name of the function (for closures), string value, or an empty string (for compiled code).

size_t v8::HeapGraphNode::GetShallowSize ( ) const

Returns node's own size, in bytes.

Type v8::HeapGraphNode::GetType ( ) const

Returns node type (see HeapGraphNode::Type).

v8::HeapGraphNode::V8_DEPRECATED ( "Use GetShallowSize instead"  ,
int GetSelfSize()  const 

Returns node's own size, in bytes.

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