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v8::TracingController Class Reference

#include <v8-platform.h>


class  TraceStateObserver

Public Member Functions

virtual const uint8_t * GetCategoryGroupEnabled (const char *name)
virtual uint64_t AddTraceEvent (char phase, const uint8_t *category_enabled_flag, const char *name, const char *scope, uint64_t id, uint64_t bind_id, int32_t num_args, const char **arg_names, const uint8_t *arg_types, const uint64_t *arg_values, std::unique_ptr< ConvertableToTraceFormat > *arg_convertables, unsigned int flags)
virtual void UpdateTraceEventDuration (const uint8_t *category_enabled_flag, const char *name, uint64_t handle)
virtual void AddTraceStateObserver (TraceStateObserver *)
virtual void RemoveTraceStateObserver (TraceStateObserver *)

Detailed Description

V8 Tracing controller.

Can be implemented by an embedder to record trace events from V8.

Member Function Documentation

virtual uint64_t v8::TracingController::AddTraceEvent ( char  phase,
const uint8_t *  category_enabled_flag,
const char *  name,
const char *  scope,
uint64_t  id,
uint64_t  bind_id,
int32_t  num_args,
const char **  arg_names,
const uint8_t *  arg_types,
const uint64_t *  arg_values,
std::unique_ptr< ConvertableToTraceFormat > *  arg_convertables,
unsigned int  flags 

Adds a trace event to the platform tracing system. This function call is usually the result of a TRACE_* macro from trace_event_common.h when tracing and the category of the particular trace are enabled. It is not advisable to call this function on its own; it is really only meant to be used by the trace macros. The returned handle can be used by UpdateTraceEventDuration to update the duration of COMPLETE events.

virtual void v8::TracingController::AddTraceStateObserver ( TraceStateObserver )

Adds tracing state change observer.

virtual const uint8_t* v8::TracingController::GetCategoryGroupEnabled ( const char *  name)

Called by TRACE_EVENT* macros, don't call this directly. The name parameter is a category group for example: TRACE_EVENT0("v8,parse", "V8.Parse") The pointer returned points to a value with zero or more of the bits defined in CategoryGroupEnabledFlags.

virtual void v8::TracingController::RemoveTraceStateObserver ( TraceStateObserver )

Removes tracing state change observer.

virtual void v8::TracingController::UpdateTraceEventDuration ( const uint8_t *  category_enabled_flag,
const char *  name,
uint64_t  handle 

Sets the duration field of a COMPLETE trace event. It must be called with the handle returned from AddTraceEvent().

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