V8 API Reference Guide for node.js v9.10.0 - v9.11.1
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v8::ScriptOrModule Class Reference

#include <v8.h>

Public Member Functions

Local< ValueGetResourceName ()
Local< PrimitiveArrayGetHostDefinedOptions ()

Detailed Description

This is an unfinished experimental feature, and is only exposed here for internal testing purposes. DO NOT USE.

A container type that holds relevant metadata for module loading.

This is passed back to the embedder as part of HostImportDynamicallyCallback for module loading.

Member Function Documentation

Local<PrimitiveArray> v8::ScriptOrModule::GetHostDefinedOptions ( )

The options that were passed by the embedder as HostDefinedOptions to the ScriptOrigin.

Local<Value> v8::ScriptOrModule::GetResourceName ( )

The name that was passed by the embedder as ResourceName to the ScriptOrigin. This can be either a v8::String or v8::Undefined.

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