V8 API Reference Guide for node.js v4.8.1 - v4.8.2
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v8::Exception Class Reference

#include <v8.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static Local< ValueRangeError (Local< String > message)
static Local< ValueReferenceError (Local< String > message)
static Local< ValueSyntaxError (Local< String > message)
static Local< ValueTypeError (Local< String > message)
static Local< ValueError (Local< String > message)
static Local< MessageCreateMessage (Local< Value > exception)
static Local< StackTraceGetStackTrace (Local< Value > exception)

Detailed Description

Create new error objects by calling the corresponding error object constructor with the message.

Member Function Documentation

static Local<Message> v8::Exception::CreateMessage ( Local< Value exception)

Creates an error message for the given exception. Will try to reconstruct the original stack trace from the exception value, or capture the current stack trace if not available.

static Local<StackTrace> v8::Exception::GetStackTrace ( Local< Value exception)

Returns the original stack trace that was captured at the creation time of a given exception, or an empty handle if not available.

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