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v8::HeapStatistics Class Reference

#include <v8.h>

Public Member Functions

size_t total_heap_size ()
size_t total_heap_size_executable ()
size_t total_physical_size ()
size_t total_available_size ()
size_t used_heap_size ()
size_t heap_size_limit ()
size_t malloced_memory ()
size_t peak_malloced_memory ()
size_t does_zap_garbage ()


class V8
class Isolate

Detailed Description

Collection of V8 heap information.

Instances of this class can be passed to v8::V8::HeapStatistics to get heap statistics from V8.

Member Function Documentation

size_t v8::HeapStatistics::does_zap_garbage ( )

Returns a 0/1 boolean, which signifies whether the V8 overwrite heap garbage with a bit pattern.

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